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7 Top Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship No comments yet

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If you suspect your partner at all, you should look for signs of cheating in a relationship. Usually if you see smoke, a fire is burning somewhere. So if you have doubt in your partnerís fidelity, thereís probably a reason.

Remember that just because you see signs of cheating in a relationship, though, that doesnít necessarily mean that cheating is going on. Once youíve seen the signs, youíll have to look further to determine if cheating is really happening.

And sometimes there are no signs of cheating in a relationship and yet cheating is going on. Itís not an easy position to be in, to have to figure these things out.

The following signs can certainly lead you one direction or another. Donít make a decision just based on one or even a few of them. But a lot of evidence can certainly let you know that something may be wrong, and you may want to look at little closer.

- Secret cell phone conversations are one of the top signs. If your partner leaves the room every time the cell phone rings, you have to wonder why. Were they taught thatís polite? If theyíre at all strange acting about the conversation, you should pay attention.

- Sudden change in hygiene is common when someone is having an affair. If your partner never goes to any special trouble for you to make sure he or she looks and smells good, a change in this could be worrisome. If they’re making themselves nice for you, thatís great. If theyíre dolling up to go out, you have to wonder why.

- More arguments can be one of the signs of cheating in a relationship. Particularly if it seems your partner is starting the argument for no reason and then storming out because of it. It could be just an excuse to leave and have some time away from you without having to come up with another excuse.

- Catching your partner in a lie can mean trouble. Even the smallest lie shows that personís willingness to lie in general. Look for connections between that lie and the possibility of an affair.

- An increase in computer time can be a bad sign. If your partner is spending hours online after youíre in bed or while youíre doing other things, it could be an affair.

- A common sign of cheating is if your friends act strange. They might know something you donít and feel uncomfortable around you.

- And a painfully common sign of cheating is if your partner accuses you of cheating or hints that he thinks you might be having an affair. Very often, thatís a guilty conscious talking and youíre being accused of the thing thatís causing him or her guilt.

The only way to know for sure is to have real evidence. So remember that even though these are common signs of cheating in a relationship, none of them can be used to prove an affair is occurring.

Relationships And Cheating How To Get Over It No comments yet

Does it seem like relationships and cheating go to together like chocolate and peanut butter? It can start to when everyone you know has had someone cheat on them. And chances are that youíve had someone cheat on you. Or when it comes to relationships and cheating, you were the one doing the cheating.

Cheating hurts. It hurts the person whoís being cheated on, and believe it or not, it hurts the cheater. The cheater has to hide what heís doing, probably has to lie to keep it a secret and has to feel the guilt that goes with it.

Even if he or she doesnít seem guilty, they probably secret feel guilty. When there are relationships and cheating occurs, that doesnít mean the end of the relationship every time.

Youíve been in a relationship and youíve been cheated on, and youíve gotten back together or youíve never broken up. Can you really make it work now that the other person has cheated? How do you get over it? Will he cheat again?

Itís not easy to save these relationships, and cheating is something that can sometimes happen more than once. But if you can truly rebuild your trust in the other person, then you can stay together and be happy.

Do you know why the person cheated on you? Thatís a very important consideration in whether youíll be able to trust them not to cheat on you again. Were things not good in your relationship at the time, or was it just convenient and just ìhappened?î You should be able to have a calm discussion about these reasons.

If the reasons turn out to be things like he or she was simply bored that day and the opportunity came along, then you may have problems. If the other person can give no better reasons for hurting you that way, you may want to consider whether you really can forgive them to be happy. It wonít be easy.

If you were having problems, then at least the other person may have thought that the relationship was going to end anyway. They might have felt ignored or undervalued. This is not to give them a good excuse for cheatingóthey were wrong. But it can help you to understand what they were thinking at the time and you can work on the problems together.

Relationships and cheating are a curious mixture, with some couples able to move on quite well after the devastation of an affair. Sometimes, though, the person who was cheating on canít get over it. To stay in the relationship when thereís no trust there, and he or she fears that the other will cheat at any time, can be a miserable thing to do.

The constant suspicions can make you miserable, and can make the other person feel under a microscope 24/7. You have to decide to trust the person not to hurt you again, and let go of the fear even though it can be very hard to do in relationships and cheating situations.

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