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You might think itís too bad you canít take a class called relationships 101 in college. They offer math, physics, literature and tons of classes, but a class on relationships is something that could help everyone. Fortunately, you have the skills already to save your relationship and make it better without needed a relationships 101 course.

Most relationships, no matter what happens, can be saved. There are a few relationships that shouldnít be saved, like those that are abusive or really miserable. But most others have the potential to be fixed. That should be lesson number in any relationships 101 class.

The problem is, people give up too soon. Theyíre angry, hurt, upset and it just seems easiest to get out of the situation that made them that way. Itís all too easy to focus only on whatís happening now, and not the past.

If the relationship was good at one point, and most were or no one would have stayed in it very long, then it really can be that way again. But people have to look past the anger and the problems that are happening now, and remember those good times. Thatís the only way theyíll even want to try to use relationships 101 theory to save the couple.

To cause further problems, often one person is ready to work hard at saving the relationship. But the other person wonít look past the bad to remember the good. That person is ready to chuck it all away. And can only person save a relationship?

Sometimes one person can do it, but itís not easy. Itís hard to stay positive and hopeful when your boyfriend of girlfriend doesnít act or feel the same. It can start to feel like youíre fighting a losing battle.

Relationships 101 lesson #2: Keep fighting the battle, because even if the relationship doesnít heal, it will make you a better person. Thatís because the things youíll do to try to save the relationship are simply good for you, and good for the other person, too.

Itís very important to remember the way you behaved with the relationship was new and going strong. Compare that to how you behave with that person now. And turn things around by acting the way you used to, and doing the things you used to.

Strive to be polite again just as you were in the beginning. Be thoughtful and be a good friend to the person whenever you can, even if youíre not going to get anything out of it. Donít beg them to come back, tell them they need to come back, or threaten what will happen if they donít come back.

When faced with someone acting like that, would you want to be with that person again?  Tell yourself that youíll survive no matter what happens, but do your very best to show them the person they want to be with again. Best the best ìyouî no matter what is the best relationships 101 lesson there is.

How to Save a Relationship 1 comment

Saving your relationship and rekindling the flame that you ignited together can be a lot of work, but more often than not, that work is worth it. If you’ve decided that saving your relationship is something you want to do, and you’re willing to put the work in, you can be successful.

So let’s take a look at how it’s done…

First, understand that it’s inevitable that there will rocky moments in any relationship regardless of how much the two of you love one another.

The question that remains is how to go about recapturing what you once shared.  Love is not something that comes along everyday.  When two people find each other and fall in love, it will take some work to keep it going. The occasional disagreement will occur. The problem is when those disagreements become so frequent that it puts enough strain on a relationship to cause it to fall apart.

If this describes what you’re going through, the very first thing I would do is head over here to watch a short 10 minutes video on some of the things you should be doing RIGHT NOW to begin the process of repairing your relationship. There’s some great advice there, and I highly recommend you check it out.

Arguing — how much is too much?

In fact, arguing is very healthy.  You will not always agree on everything.  Even though you have formed together as one, you are still two separate people with two opinions of how things should work.If your partner has done something that you feel is unforgiveable, then maybe it is best to part your ways.

Living with that hurt and anger will only contribute to further issues and promote additional arguments that are really unnecessary.  An affair, for example, could be perceived as something that is just not forgivable.  And although a lot hurt and anger resulted from this action, one should really take a look at the reason this happened.

In most cases people do not just decide to cheat on their significant other.  Something happened in the relationship that led up to this action.The first step in salvaging the relationship is getting to the root of the real problem.  If you never discover the issue that really caused the damage, then it cannot be dealt with and will only lead to further issues.

What to do if communication has broken down

These issues could cause permanent damage to not only the relationship, but each other’s health as well.  As much as one would like to just shut his/her eyes real tight and wish the problem away, it is not going to happen. Communication is imperative to the relationship.

And as many times as we have heard this, there several situations I am confident that can recalled that our communication with another individual was not exactly up to par.  We were all teenagers at one time.  And I know I personally tried to pull the wool over my mom’s eyes a couple of times.

It was not long before I realized that if I was honest and upfront with her, I would be given a lot more freedom.  Romantic relationships are very similar.  Keeping the communication flow open with your partner will allow for the trust to grow.

He or she will not have the insecurities that can arise from lack of communication.If all else fails, maybe seek professional help.  There are many good relationship counselors that can help you with your issues, or maybe just act as a mediator between the two of you while you discuss your issues.

Find someone that you both feel comfortable with.Take your time.  It took time to build the relationship.  It is definitely going to take time to heal.  If you both agree to try and work things out, there really should be no rush in mending the tears.

And remember, please go here and watch this video right away. It will get you started on the right foot in saving your relationship. Hope this helps.

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